10 Must-Have Cargo Bike Accessories

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10 Must-Have Cargo Bike Accessories

Woman riding a cargo bike with her dog and other accessories

So you’ve bought your first cargo bike, and have been enjoying the experience of hopping from place to place around time. As your confidence grows, and especially if you want to use the bike for creating new memories with your family, you might want to start exploring the different types of accessories available to help enhance the overall experience. Some are more practical than flashy, and others (like the water gun for your children) are just plain fun. Here, we’ve got ten of the best accessories to ensure that you have a safe, fun and enjoyable experience with every ride. 


Child Seat Replacement Anchor

We’re starting our list with a practical option that is great when you use your bike to transport your children. A spare child seat replacement anchor will come in handy when you’re using your cargo bike with multiple members of the family, and there is significant wear and tear on the anchor that holds the child seat in place over time. From a safety perspective it’s important to keep an eye on this part, and if you have a spare at home, you’ll never have to cancel a trip because the part is loose or a little weathered from use. 


Stroller Front Mudguards

Owning a cargo bike and keeping it in tip top condition requires a little bit of maintenance from time to time. These stroller front mudguards are designed to protect your bike and cargo from rain and mud splashing onto the front wheels. This can enhance your riding experience, especially if you live in a region where it rains often, or you are entering a period where the weather is a little less predictable. A must-have if you’ve even got to ask the question. 


Grey Material Basket 

Taga’s grey material basket is a staple for the full enjoyment of the cargo bike riding experience, and turns your bike into a practical vessel for quick visits to the grocery store around the corner. When it comes to your family getting the most out of the cargo bike, the material basket is a must-have. The great news is that in comparison to competitor models, this material basket is one of the more modern designs out there, and is reasonably priced too.


Bike Rain Cover

We hate to bring up the weather again, but it can put a real damper on things when trips have to be canceled because it simply isn’t playing along. While you’re waiting for sunny skies to return, a bike rain cover is essential to ensure that your precious cargo bike stays in the best possible condition. It’s also useful for when you’re storing the bike for longer periods, like when you and the family go on holiday. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t have to battle the elements while you’re enjoying your time away from home. 


Click-On Adapter

Who says accessories need to be big in order for them to make a real difference? Take the click-on adapter, for instance. It makes our list today, because it can add a great deal to the overall efficiency of the riding experience. The adapter has been designed in a way to hold a bottle, phone or similar accessories in place during the course of a ride. Although you won’t be taking any calls while driving, you’ll be happy to know that your phone is more secure and less likely to be lost than if it was in your pocket. 


Family enjoying the extra accessories on their cargo bike


Water Gun

We told you that cargo bike accessories can be great fun too! Take this water gun, for instance. This toy is meant to give children something fun to do while they enjoy riding along with you. Although we wouldn’t recommend that they aim their efforts at members of the general public, or at you for that matter, the toy does add to creating a memorable experience, especially if you set some ground rules upfront about when and where they can use it. 


Bike Accessory Bar

A multi-purpose bike accessory bar can do more for your ride than it might seem on the surface. First off, it can be used as a practical hand holder in front of your child. It’s also a great place to mount the click-on adapter mentioned earlier, or even for the water gun. In order to mount both child seats in the right direction (facing forward), this accessory bar is an essential component and will need to be replaced right away if you experience any problems with it. 


Rear Rack

If carting cargo around is one of the reasons you bought your bike to begin with, you may want to consider this durable rear rack to help make your trips as efficient as possible. We call it durable for a reason, as it is able to hold up to 25kg at a time. This particular model has been engineered especially for Taga bikes, keeping safety standards and considerations front of mind during the engineering process. 


Light Kit

As winter draws nearer each year, you might start to notice that it is getting darker earlier with every passing day. A light kit is useful to not only help you to see a little more clearly when you’re right in the gap before sunset, but more importantly it can be used to indicate to others that you are on the road. A flashing red light is the best way to avoid unnecessary accidents when you’ve left your trip a little late, especially when you’ve got other members of the family with you. 


Stroller Seat Padding

Making any trip on a cargo bike as comfortable for all members of the family as possible should be priority #1 (right after meeting all the safety specs, of course). Stroller seat padding can help to make the youngest members of the family feel more secure in their seats, while also giving them an added layer of comfort for longer rides. The result is less tantrums, more enjoyment and less worries for both you and your child as you go about your business and enjoy the cargo bike to its full potential.

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