2 vs. 3 Wheeled Cargo Bikes: Which is Best For You?

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2 vs. 3 Wheeled Cargo Bikes: Which is Best For You?

Woman riding three wheeled cargo bike with a two wheel bike behind her

When you’re on the lookout for a new cargo bike, you might be tempted to explore all your options. And there are so many options out there for you to consider! Aside from the different brands and models on the market, you may be wondering about whether you should be going for a two or three wheeled cargo bike. Exploring your options is never a bad thing, and at the end of the day you’re going to want something that is best for you, and your needs. Let’s dive deeper into both bikes, in order to help get you closer to making a final decision about the way you want to go.


The Right Bike For The Right Reasons

When you’re exploring both options, you should ask yourself what the reasons are behind you getting the cargo bike to begin with. We’re not talking about the incredible benefits that you’ll add to your life by getting a cargo bike in the first place. It’s more of a practical notion, because it matters for which type may be better suited to your needs. Two wheel cargo bikes are light and agile, and suitable for riding in cities and over long distances. Three wheel cargo bikes are more sturdy, can handle bigger loads and offer a convenient alternative to conventional transport for shorter distances in small and medium-sized cities. 


A Distinct Design Difference

Two wheel cargo bikes have a distinct design difference from their three wheel counterparts. The most common designs are not wider than that of a normal bike. Three wheel cargo bikes are slightly wider, which offers an added element of stability and space, especially when you’re keen to transport your children on weekend excursions. Both types come in a range of models, some of which have pedal assistance, and others which don’t. Keep this in mind when you’re exploring different options and based on your specific needs, you may want to get one or the other. 


Variance in Total Capacity

The reason you want to get the cargo bike to begin with can help make it easier to choose between a two or three wheel option, especially as both have different weight capacities that they can handle. Although these vary between brands and models, as a rule, two wheel cargo bikes handle up to 20% less total weight capacity than their three wheel counterparts. This means that it’s possible to carry more cargo, or more of your children, by using a three wheel cargo bike. Innovations in design are starting to challenge this more, so do extensive research on the different models to make sure you get the best possible deal for what you’re after. 


Stability On The Road

A two wheel cargo bike offers a stable road experience, especially in curves. It is slightly more dynamic and agile, because of the fact that it is typically somewhat lighter than its three wheel counterpart. With a two wheel bike you have to keep your own balance, and things can get wobbly when you drive slowly. Three wheel cargo bikes don’t require you to keep your balance no matter how slow you go, which does lead to more stability during drives in various conditions. The trick with them is to avoid uneven roads, which can result in a bit of a bumpy ride. Weight balance comes into play a bit more here, which thankfully isn’t that much of a factor considering it is fairly stable to begin with.


A happy dog enjoying his ride on a three wheeled cargo bike


Parking Brake and Stand

Another factor to think about is the stand and parking brake. Two wheel cargo bikes usually come with a stable two-legged stand that can secure the total weight of the bike (including any cargo). It never rolls away when it is parked, so you don’t have to worry about getting back to the bike and finding that it rolled into the hood of a car near you while you were running an errand. Three wheel cargo bikes don’t have a parking or locking brake which prevents them from rolling away, which does increase the risk of accidents to some extent. It also doesn’t come with a stand, as it is fairly secure on its own three wheels to begin with. 


Getting Technical: Size and Weight

Although it’s difficult to generalize, especially as cargo bike designs are becoming more innovative as the years roll on, it’s worth making a few statements about the general size and weight of both versions of the bikes in order to help you draw your own conclusions. Two wheelers are usually a little bit smaller than three wheelers, mostly because of the extra areas where you can place cargo on the latter. This affects the overall weight of the bike too, leading to three wheelers tending to be more bulky and chunky than their counterparts. Keep in mind that the weight changes with each accessory that is added to them as well, and these should be factored into your calculations too when you’re considering models across both types. 


A Distinction Between Accessories

One of the best ways to enhance your cargo bike driving experience is to buy additional accessories to get the most out of your trips. Two wheel cargo bikes have a wide range of accessories including rain tents, sunroofs, carriers, baby seats and more. Three wheel cargo bikes offer the same, albeit with distinctly more options because of the fact that it can carry more loads. If a personalised riding experience is what you’re after, especially if you want to do so with your family, the three wheeled cargo bike might be the better choice, purely because it gives you and your loved ones the freedom to customise the experience to your needs and wants. 


Exploring Your Cargo Bike Options

Now that you know a little more about both types of cargo bikes, you’re ready to keep exploring all the options out there. The team at Taga Bikes loves all kinds of cargo bikes, as long as they are family-friendly and they help people to create lasting memories with their loved ones. Our range includes a selection of three wheelers for you to choose from, each of which was designed by an international team that was keen to create an eco-friendly alternative to some of the models that were on the market at the time. Whether you’re thinking about a two or a three wheeler, the fact that you’re on the market for a cargo bike shows that you have an adventurous spirit. We hope you enjoy venturing out in the world with your new cargo bike as much as we enjoy making them. 

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