A Beginner’s Guide to Cargo Bikes

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cargo Bikes

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Looking to explore the world of cargo bikes? Welcome to the club! Although they might look different to traditional bicycles, cargo bicycles aren’t as complicated as most people think. They aren’t even difficult to ride, in fact. As with trying anything new, it will take a couple of minutes to get used to, but in no time at all, you’ll be on your way and reaping all the rewards of owning a cargo bike. This handy beginner’s guide will tell you everything you need to know and more about these incredible pieces of machinery, in order to have you on the road sooner rather than later. From the different kinds of cargo bikes, through to learning more about safety measures and cost, we’ve got you covered for all things related to cargo bikes right here. 


The Different Kinds of Cargo Bikes

There are four different kinds of cargo bikes, each of which serves its own purpose out on the road. A cycle truck is a type of cargo bike that has a smaller front wheel than those at the back. This helps with balance and makes for non-electric versions that are easier for moving big loads. Porteur bikes are cargo bikes that are built with a rack in the front, and typically these can carry up to 50kg’s. Bakers or Butchers bikes resemble traditional bicycles, but are created with steel frames that allow for baskets to be added. Long John Bicycles are another type worth knowing about, and because the front wheel is further away from the handlebars than in other types, it can ship up to 100kg’s at a time. Cargo bikes come in various types, and some are electric, while others are pedal powered. 


Are All Cargo Bikes Electric?

No, all cargo bikes aren’t electric. Cargo bikes come in various kinds that serve various purposes, and electric versions were initially brought in to make life easier on commercial or private users. An electric cargo bike is fitted with a motor, which makes carrying a heavy load a little easier, especially as you have to pedal during an uphill. Electric cargo bikes are popular in many European countries, where there is a broader shift about eco-friendliness and finding new ways to help protect the planet in the long run. Some users have them to replace a second car, especially in a large family setup. 


Why Are Cargo Bikes More Expensive Than Regular Bikes?

Cargo bikes are more expensive than regular bikes because of the fact that they need to be able to do more than regular bikes. As a result of their ability to carry loads of various kinds, these bikes need to be constructed with more materials. Carbon fiber comes in various forms, but often the highest quality is used in order to provide the safest and best overall product. Although it’s possible to look at cargo bikes as “expensive” traditional bikes, it’s also worth considering that it may be an inexpensive transportation option relative to buying another car. You can also do a lot more with a cargo bike, especially if the family is keen on outdoor adventures and bonding time while getting some fresh air in the process. 


Friends enjoying their day out with a Taga bike


Are Cargo Bikes Safe?

Cargo bikes from reputable suppliers are always a safe bet. In order for them to be sold, they have to go through stringent road safety tests, as well as acquiring the right certifications to be deemed roadworthy for commercial or personal use. Cargo bikes should always come with the right protective measures, especially when thinking about riding with younger members of the family, and manufacturers have a responsibility to develop a framework of standards that have to be upheld before they can sell any new models with a clear conscience. Always buy a cargo bike from a reputable supplier, and ask about accessories that might be able to make the ride more comfortable and safe.


Cargo Bikes vs. Bike Trailers

Cargo bikes are often compared to bike trailers, but there is a clear distinction between the two. Different versions of cargo bikes allow for cargo to be placed either at the front or the back of the bike. With a bicycle trailer, when transporting children, they are always sitting behind you, which can make it more difficult to keep an eye on them. Cargo bikes have a specific spot for young children to sit, making it easier to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride. In terms of transporting actual cargo, both have their own sets of benefits, and depending on the load you’re hoping to carry, it might be worth exploring both types, in order to find the best one to match your needs in the long run. 


The Best Place To Go To Buy Your Cargo Bike

Now that you know a little more about cargo bikes, you’re going to need a reputable supplier that will go above and beyond to provide you with a high quality, dependable product. Taga Bikes is a global brand that focuses on different kinds of specialty bikes, with a leaning towards providing families with cargo bikes as an alternative means of transport. With designs that were built by a team of experts from various fields, our bikes aim to bring joy to people from various walks of life, while also considering the environmental impact at the same time. More and more people are getting into the world of cargo bikes, which not only opens up a sea of possible bonding experiences with loved one, but gives you a practical option that can also help with carting items from A to B. At the end of the day, what more can you ask for. 

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