Taga Bikes vs. Nihola Bikes and Others: What Sets Us Apart

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Taga Bikes vs. Nihola Bikes and Others: What Sets Us Apart

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At Taga, we’re proud of our status as a global brand that focuses on specialty bikes. We supply cargo bikes, front loaders and disability bikes to happy families all over the world, and are still thrilled to have crept into the hearts of so many people over the years. We are on a mission of togetherness like none of our competitors. At the end of the day, our business model has always been centered around this concept. But what else sets us apart from our competitors? If you’re on the hunt for a Taga bike, but you’re not sure how we stack up relative to brands like Rad Power, Nihola, Tern and Benno, we’ve got everything you need to know right here. 


The Origins of Taga

The Taga brand has travelled all over the world, in order to provide a high quality product to consumers of all ages. We love seeing the excitement on people’s faces when they try one of our bikes for the first time. When the business was first started, it was a four year journey towards a final product that we were happy with. This quest involved a combination of passion and precision, and our attention to detail aides the idea that any of our customers should be getting the best possible experience out of our bicycles. 


Family-Focused Bicycles

Although we’ve touched on the idea already, it’s worth reiterating that Taga bikes are designed in a way that helps to encourage families to get out together, in order to create new memories. This is particularly important during a global pandemic, where many families were either stuck indoors together, or separated for many months at a time. Buying a Taga bike means getting back out there with your loved ones in tow, in order to solidify your bond and to experience something new together. Unlike some of our competitors, this experience is at the forefront of how we go about improving our designs and models over the years. 


Detail Oriented Design

These designs are not only made with the highest quality products on the market, but they are made in a way that is detail oriented. That means that no part is too small and unimportant in the greater balance of creating a great cycling experience. The idea behind Taga was to take the cargo bike concept and to make it accessible to people all over the world. In order to do so, it was important to make sure that the specifics of each model caters to a wide range of potential customers. Paying careful attention to the needs of our customers is another way that we’re highly detail oriented, and no request or query is too small for our team of experts. 


Father helps daughter with Taga bike helmet


The Eco-Friendliness Factor

In 2021, it’s never been important to consider eco-friendliness across whether you’re looking at products from the manufacturer, supplier or consumer perspective. Providing products that don’t contribute to the decay of the planet is front of mind for the Taga team. Before even considering the design specs, simply switching to a Taga bike as an alternative to driving is already a way that consumers can make a difference to environmental pollution. At the same time, Taga is committed to providing an eco-friendly supply chain of operations. We like to set a good example, be it in the form of the products we offer, or the way that they are manufactured. 


Collective Expertise Beyond Just Bicycles

Aside from having a world-class team of engineers, designers and manufactures, we take things to the next level at Taga, in a way that our competitors can’t always match. Our team consists of a group that has collective expertise over and above just knowing a lot about bicycle design. Although important to get the basic structure and design elements together, there is more to the process for us. Our team consists of people who know about stroller design, fashion textiles, and even a few that have experience working with incorporating medical devices into new tech. A Taga bike comes from a collective effort of insights and opinions, rather than a standard corporation that might have blinders on in many ways. 


Great Care With Every Single Sale

Another way that we set ourselves apart from our competitors at Taga Bikes is the way that we take great care with every single sale. There is a level of appreciation that comes with any new purchase, and the team is on hand to make sure that all your questions get answered, no matter how big or small they may be. Our nurturing nature perhaps has to do with the fact that we have always felt an affinity towards customers who are parents, and we understand how much goes into not only taking care of your children, but how important it is to give them the opportunity to experience new things too. You may even find yourself enjoying the experience more than you imagined at first!


A Mission of Togetherness 

Last but certainly not least, the Taga Bikes team has a clear mission of togetherness that comes through in everything we do. This is not always the case with competitor companies, some of which are subdivisions of larger businesses that seem to care a great deal more about profit over product. Taga Bikes started as a business setting out to bring people together, and this will always be the case. When you invest in a Taga product, you’re not only giving yourself the opportunity to go about your day in a different way to the average person, but you also create an opportunity for bonding with your loved ones while getting some much needed fresh air. As the pandemic begins to subside, now is the perfect time to get back out there, and to explore the open road. Explore our range of bikes today, and before you know it, you’ll be making new memories with the people you love.

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