The Best Cargo Bikes for Dogs and Other Pets

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The Best Cargo Bikes for Dogs and Other Pets

Woman enjoying a cargo bike ride with her pet

Who says that buying a cargo bike has to be for human enjoyment only? Countless cargo bike owners around the world absolutely love riding along with their beloved pets — who just like the rest of us — require a lot of fresh air every day. If you’re thinking about taking your pet on some joyrides, or have ambitions of adding a pet to your family in the future, we’ve got some of the best cargo bikes for dogs and other pets for you right here. You’ll get nothing but love from your furry friend after taking them for a ride to the park, which not only helps the pair of you bond, but also gives you some much needed activity in a time when the pandemic is keeping us isolated and indoors most days. 


Why Animals Love Cargo Bikes

Animals love cargo bikes because just like their owners, they enjoy the fresh air a lot. On top of this, exploring the great outdoors with all its sights, sounds and smells can be a very stimulating experience for your pet, who may be spending most of their days indoors huddled on the couch. The key to riding safely with your pet is to make sure that you have the right cargo bike to be able to do so. Although there are various ways to transport a pet as you go about your day, a cargo bike is still considered the most efficient way of doing so. Forget about carrying your pet in your bag or purse, and give them a great experience by taking them along with you on your next cargo bike ride. 


Taga’s Family-Cargo Bike (Basic Electric Version)

One of the first options you and your furry pet should consider is the basic electric Family-Cargo Bike from Taga. Known for being the perfect bike for outings, this bike packs quite the punch and can carry up to three passengers safely at a time. It’s never fun just to have to choose between pets when you’re off for your next ride. With it’s simple and elegant design, this bike comes with a 250W electric motor to help transport you and your “best friend” from A to B efficiently and without any hassles. 


The Bunch Original Family Cargo Bike

Although it might look more like a bike for someone selling ice creams in summer, the Bunch Original Family Cargo Bike ticks all the boxes when it comes to carting beloved pets around. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as the other bikes on the list, which it accounts for by its affordable price range. This bike comes equipped with comfortable cushions and shoulder straps to help you ride with any combination of children and pets. Get the rain cover and sun shade too, to make sure your pet doesn’t get dehydrated on a long summer ride, or soaking wet if the weather turns unexpectedly. 


The Babboe Dog Cargo Bike

What’s in a name, anyway? For Babboe’s “Dog” Cargo Bike, the name says exactly who the bike was for. Perhaps they could have taken it a step further by calling it the “Dog Lovers” cargo bike. Equipped with a dog ramp and rings for dog leads, this is the perfect bike if you have a dog at home. Sturdy and stable, this bike also has a very modern design, making an impression wherever it goes. The only downside to this particular model is that it isn’t marketed to other pet types, but naturally, these are most welcome to ride in it as well. 


Man enjoying a cargo bike ride during the pandemic with his dog


Taga’s Family-Cargo Bike (Single Seater Electric Version)

With the release of the Taga 2.0 cargo bike, things have gone to an entirely new level. Their Single Seater Electric Cargo Bike comes equipped with a front cargo compartment as well as another on a rear rack, leaving lots of space for you to ride along with your pet every day. The best part about this particular model is the fact that you can ride and keep an eye on your pet at all times. With a wide range of accessories to dial up the experience too, the options for exploration are endless when you go with this particular model. 


The Nihola Dog Bike

Just like we mentioned earlier with Babboe, Nihola also has a Dog Cargo Bike, which was specifically designed for getting around town with dogs and other types of pets too. We love that the aluminum front door is easy to open, which means that the pet can move freely into and out of the bike without risking any injuries. If you’re worried about steering power on this particular model, don’t be. It’s steering system is state of the art, and was designed to keep you and your pet safe on the road no matter where you may want to venture off to. 


Ferla’s Family Cargo Bike

Ferla’s Family Cargo Bike is specifically equipped with a dog basket so your beloved animal doesn’t have to feel left out when you head out to run an errand. With this particular model, a lot of emphasis is placed on green travel, and providing a sustainable mode of transport for its human and four-legged passengers. The bike is equipped with high quality parts that allow for customization based on the needs of your own family, which not only ensures a safe ride at all times, but a fun one as well. 


Taga’s Duo Seater Electric Family-Cargo Bike

Last but not least, the Duo Seater Electric version of Taga’s Family-Cargo Bike lives up to all expectations. Equipped with an electric kit, frontal cargo compartments and double seat padding for kids and pets to have a comfortable ride, this bike is a jack of all trades. You could almost go as far as to say that this model was curated for families to enjoy with their beloved pets. A wide range of accessories are available to help get the most out of the cargo bike experience, and your furry friend will be grinning from ear to ear from being included in family exploration trips every weekend.

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