The Best Electric Cargo Bikes in 2021

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The Best Electric Cargo Bikes in 2021

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Electric cargo bikes aren’t regularly referred to as the transport of the future for no reason. Many countries around the world are making use of them for commercial and personal transport purposes. If you’ve been exploring getting one of these for yourself or buying a set for your family, you might be feverishly reading up about all the different makes and models on the market. You may have also realised that cargo bikes are investments that not only help you as you go about your day, but can also be a great alternative form of transport that takes into account the sustainability of the planet tool. Today, we’ll touch on what exactly cargo bikes are, as well as giving you a list of some of the best electric cargo bikes on the market in 2021. 


What Is An Electric Cargo Bike?

Electric cargo bikes, also known as freight bicycles, box bikes, cycle trucks and more, are electric powered vehicles that have been designed in a way to help with transporting loads of various kinds. Electric cargo bikes typically come in two configurations, namely front-loader bikes (designed to suspend a cargo box between the rider and the front wheel) and longtail bikes, which effectively extend the back-end of the bicycle in order to accommodate for more people, gear and more. Start by choosing the specific design that will suit your individual needs, and explore the various models on offer from there.  


Taga Family-Cargo Bike Basic Electric

This Family-Cargo Bike is an easy addition to the list because of the fact that it can accommodate up to four people at a given time. This electric bike (with a dependable 250W motor pack) has three wheels, and can fit two children in the front cargo compartment, and one on a rear rack. This particular model is easy to customise, and it comes with plenty of accessories in order to spark up the creativity of the whole family. The family-cargo bike will have you making new memories even before you hit the road with your loved ones. 


RadWagon 4

Another great option to explore is the RadWagon 4, notorious for being the strongest and most versatile version of this iconic electric bike ever. Available in a range of different colours, it is not only easy on the eyes. Engineered with a brand new frame designed to ensure multiple adjustable points, a telescopic seat post and more, the RadWagon 4 lives up to all expectations. With a 750W geared hub motor, it is great for long hauls, especially if you have a heavy cargo load. Its smaller, wider tires have been manufactured with the greatest precision, in order to keep you safe on the road at all times. 


Woman enjoying her day out with a Taga cargo bike


Taga Family-Cargo Bike Single Seater Electric

Taga’s single seater electric cargo bike also deserves a mention as one of the best electric bicycles on the market, and not only because it comes in a wide range of colour options including blue, green, magenta and orange. If you’re not keen to do tons of research before buying a bike, this bestselling option takes things to the next level by being sold as part of a bundle. This includes the bike itself, the Electric kit, frontal cargo compartment, as well as a single child seat. You even get to choose the colour of the seat padding that you’re after. Although similar to the Basic Electric mentioned earlier, the bundle sets it apart as one of the most economic, all-inclusive options in 2021. 


Urban Arrow Cargo L

Don’t let it’s batmobile-like design fool you. The Cargo L is more than just a flashy design. The most popular model in Urban Arrow’s Cargo line, the Cargo L is already making headway in various countries around the world. We understand why, as it can take care of a decent load capacity relative to its overall size. It even gives riders the option of loading five different types of loads. Designed to minimise sound and air pollution, this electric cargo bike is geared for performance thanks to its Bosch performance motor, and is equipped with some of the highest quality parts you’ll find on the market. 


Taga Family-Cargo Bike Duo Seater Electric

Taga’s Duo seater electric is the ideal electric cargo bike for families of all shapes and sizes, especially if they lead an active lifestyle, with regular visits to the nearest parks and playground. Designed with a strong motor that can haul relatively large weights, the due seater electric is also sold in a bundle that makes it a more economically viable option. This bundle includes the Taga Bike (2.0 model), a frontal cargo compartment, two child seats that have been designed to fit seamlessly into the construction of the bike, and more. Additional accessories are available too, catering to the individual needs of your own family. 


A More Sustainable Future

By considering one of these designs, you’ll not only be investing in an electric cargo bike that will give you an enjoyable experience on the road. You will also be buying a product that is designed with safety considerations front of mind. At the end of the day, an electric cargo bike is only as good as its ability to get you from A to B safely. Any of the choices outlined here today will make a great addition to your transport fleet, and will give you and the family a more eco-friendly option when it comes to getting around town. Pretty soon, you’ll have the neighbours interested in considering an electric bike of their own. Cargo bikes will play a big part in a more sustainable future, and by jumping on board now, you’re ahead of the curve already. 

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